About Andrea King, Dentist and Owner

Andrea King is the main dentist at Fresh Family Dental. Andrea has made quite the name for herself on the Gold Coast, where she lives with her lovely husband and two children. Above all else, she values family and so would like to welcome you and yours to her brand-new family dental clinic, Fresh Family Dental. Should you have any questions or queries along the way, please feel free to give us a buzz either over the phone, through the website, or you can even drop in; we’re just in Burleigh Heads!

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Dr Andrea King: How Did She Become a Dentist Near Me in Burleigh?

If you’re looking for someone friendly and family-focused then meet the lovely Andrea King, a family dentist in Burleigh Heads. 

Andrea moved to the Gold Coast in 1992 from New Zealand. She graduated from dental school at Griffith University in 2012 after completing her Bachelor of Biomedical Science, which she also completed at Griffith. Since working on the Gold Coast, Andrea King, through her dentist experience, has built amazing connections with professionals across a variety of fields and is known for her uplifting, positive attitude. She is a caring soul and holds the patient in the highest regard. 

Andrea sees her patients as actual human beings, not just people paying for a service. She knows how stressful going to the dentist can be for some families, but she also knows how rewarding having a dentist who understands you and your family, can be. That is why if she’s working with someone who’s anxious about their appointment, she’ll book out an extra long timeslot so they can take their time to talk, get settled, and start to build a trusting relationship. She will always talk you through treatment options, making sure that the experience is tailored to your preferences. Knowing that your dentist genuinely cares about you and your needs can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

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Andrea King: The Dentist Doing Something Different

Having built her reputation working for a variety of well-known dental practices, Andrea King decided it was time to step out in her own direction and deliver something fresh. That was the beginning of Fresh Family Dental as you know it today. As her primary passion was for family dental, she knew from the start she would need to develop a space that was both child-friendly and appealing to parents. 

She put a lot of thought into designing the practice exactly how she wanted it, always thinking about the patient’s needs first. Building meaningful connections with her clients and continuing to work on that connection is a key part of what makes Andrea King one of the best dentists on the Gold Coast. She is constantly improving and adapting your experience so that your visit to the dentist can be as enjoyable as possible.

What Does Dr Andrea King Do in Her Spare Time?

When Andrea’s not working as a dentist, she keeps near, enjoying a bit of me time with her husband and their two children. Dr Andrea King is not just a dentist, but a mum first and foremost. She enjoys going to see live music, taking her kids to the park and beach, going to the movies and catching up with friends. Her own experience as a mother motivates her to make her dental practice as appealing to young children as possible. 

Despite her passion for young ones, she does not forget about mum and dad! Andrea King and her dentist team are highly professional and hold their work to a very high standard. She is driven to constantly improve her own skills, making sure she is always learning and growing in her professional skills.

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Andrea King is a Dentist Dedicated to Your Comfort

If you’re searching for the right dentist for you and the kids, it’s essential you know the variety of services on offer. Andrea makes personable, friendly service look easy, so you’re bound to enjoy your session every time. Part of this commitment means that you’ll be dealing with real human beings, not automated message banks. It also means that one of her highest priorities is your comfort. One of the ways which she and the team do this is by booking out extra time for anyone who’s feeling anxious about their appointment, so they aren’t in any way rushed or pressured. Some of the key services Fresh Family Dental offers include general dental, children’s dental, emergency dental, teeth whitening, crowns, and root canals. Whilst these are among the most common services, they are by no means an extensive list. For a better understanding of the full scope of services she offers, contact the lovely team today.

Why Did Andrea King Become a Family Dentist?

Family dental is when you and your whole family have the same dentist. Doing dental like this means feeling more comfortable with the relationship you have with your dentist because your whole family is seeing them. That is why Andrea King focusses on family treatment with extra care rather than fast appointments lacking communication and consultation. 

Additionally, it helps Andrea familiarise herself with her patients and build a better rapport over time. She enjoyed that part of the job so much she decided to branch out and start to bring something fresh to the world of family dental in Burleigh Heads.

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Other Fresh Family Dental Staff:

Dr. Rachel O’Connor

Rachel is originally from the west of Ireland. She graduated  from Trinity College Dublin in 2009, and spent the next 5 years working in private practices in Ireland.

She relocated to Australia in 2015 and has been working here since, offering a wide range of dental treatments. Rachel is a very gentle dentist with a knack for calming nervous patients and is also great with children. In Rachel’s spare time, she’s a keen golfer alongside her fiancé Dave.

Dr. Rachel O'Connor

Call Fresh Family Dental for all Your Dental Needs Today

Andrea King offers a wide range of services; however, there are some procedures such as dentures, and implants which she will refer out to her extensive network of dental specialists on the Gold Coast. If you’re unsure about whether your needs can be met by Fresh Family Dental, simply call the team today to have a chat around anything you need. We are happy to assess your situation and help guide you in the right direction if we cannot complete the job here at Fresh.