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As a local mum and dentist, Burleigh local Andrea King knows what it’s like raising a family on the Gold Coast. It’s hard enough getting them ready for school on time, let alone to the dentist! 

That’s why Fresh Family Dental is committed to making your dentist experience in Burleigh Heads the best it can be. With amazing prices, friendly staff, and a top-quality dentist, Burleigh Heads residents can rest easy knowing that their family’s smiles are in good hands. 

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If you’re unfamiliar with our practice and the services we offer, here is a brief introduction to our most common services and why this Burleigh Heads dentist is the one locals choose to trust with their smile. 

Teeth Whitening with the Dentist Burleigh Heads can Trust

Andrea at Fresh Family Dental is the go-to teeth whitening dentist Burleigh Heads knows they can trust. Teeth whitening is very popular and a relatively simple procedure. As an added bonus, it is not usually expensive. It’s simple in concept and is completely safe to do in conjunction with your dentist. 

Why go to us instead of using ordinary supermarket products? Going to your local Burleigh Heads dentist not only supports local business, but means they have the necessary equipment to get the job done safely and effectively, and most importantly can provide valuable insight into getting the right product for the right job and preventing any issues.

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Dentist in Burleigh Heads specialising in Root Canal Therapy

If you’re needing a root canal therapy, look no further than Fresh Family Dental. You might require root canal therapy when a tooth has undergone decay to the degree where the inner pulp is diseased or dying. 

Luckily, the procedure these days is relatively straight forward and we aim to make the appointment as pain free as possible. At Fresh Family Dental, we can perform this procedure in-house although in some tricky cases, we may refer you to a trusted specialist to get the job done in the best way possible.

The General Dentist Your Whole Family Will Love

At Fresh Family Dental, your family is the priority. Andrea has been building connections with families in the local area for almost ten years now. She is the general dentist you’ll see for regular check-ups and the person to chat with when developing the best strategies to take good care of your oral health. 

General dentists cover everything from regular check-ups to fillings including some of the bigger care strategies such as crowns, root canal therapy, management of wisdom teeth, and custom mouthguards. If for some reason Fresh Family Dental don’t have the resources on hand to treat your specific needs, they can refer you through their connections to a dental specialist they trust to get the job done.

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Dealing with Dental Emergencies in Burleigh is Simpler with Fresh Family Dental

Although the hope is that your family won’t ever need an emergency dentist, in the unfortunate case that you do, Fresh Family Dental will have your back. Emergencies usually include toothaches, knocked out teeth, chips, fractures and cracks, bitten lips or cheeks, abscesses and swelling, soft tissue trauma and bleeding, and jaw pain. 

If you’re still a little bit uncertain or just looking for some guidance, you can talk to our friendly team today or contact us via email. We are always happy to talk you through the best next move towards a healthier smile.

Stress-Free Dental Crowns

Fitting crowns to your teeth isn’t as daunting a process as you might originally think. And your dentist will only fit crowns if they are necessary. As you might know, there is a protective outer layer covering your teeth called enamel. Over time when this layer is not given enough care and attention, the tooth underneath can be damaged. 

Crowns are a treatment that protects your teeth and prevents more damage from occurring. The protection element of dental crowns is especially important as keeping your tooth is always the aim of your dentist. If the tooth is worn down, broken, or weak, or if there is a crack or cavity in the tooth too big for a regular filling, it might be the right time to consider a crown.

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The Dentist Burleigh Heads Children Love to See

Finding the right children’s dentist in Burleigh Heads can be tricky because a child’s first visit to the dentist can be such a formative experience. We make it our mission to make sure your child’s experience at Fresh Family Dental is so much fun, they can’t wait to come back! 

At Fresh Family Dental, we make sure your child has more than enough time to meet their dentist, familiarise themselves with the surgery, and make themselves feel comfortable. You and your child can ask any questions you have. 

Some of the most common issues we see in Gold Coast children when working with their teeth include tooth decay, cavities, accidental damage to teeth, bad breath and tooth grinding.

Come and See Us in Burleigh Heads Today

Whatever your needs, the team at Fresh Family Dental would love to start a conversation. Our team is transparent around fees and expectations, as well as committed to connecting long-term with clients. We believe everyone should have access to a dentist they trust and love going to and that’s the attitude around which we’ve built our practice. 

We can help people in Burleigh Heads not only have amazing smiles, but a reason to use them. Book now and see for yourself how easy going to the dentist is supposed to be.

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