Fun Kids Dental

Fun kids dental

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Making Kids Dental Fun

Wondering if fun kids’ dental exists? At Fresh Family Dental we understand that taking kids to the dentist can be daunting for everyone involved. Our genuine, friendly and fun approach to kids’ dentistry helps to put everyone at ease and helps kids avoid developing a lifelong fear of the dentist. 

When Should My Child See A Dentist?

It is recommended that your child begin seeing a dentist around the same time their first tooth emerges or by one-year-old. The thing to remember is that the earlier they visit and form positive associations with the dentist, the less likely they are to develop a fear in later life.  

From the age of one year onwards, your child should visit the dentist for a general check-up on the same schedule that you do as an adult. This means every 6-12 months depending on the advice of your dentist. 

Of course, if at any time you have concerns about your child’s teeth, oral development or they experience pain, a dental injury or emergency we welcome your visit.

How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Before taking your child to the dentist we recommend doing any or all of the following to make it a more positive experience:

Roleplay at home and let your child pretend to be the dentist and the patient. They may like to include their favourite doll or teddy (who are welcome to visit our clinic too!)

Use positive language and avoid mentioning anything that may be perceived as frightening such as needles or the drill. 

Dental Fun for Kids

Bring along moral support, as above. We’re more than happy for your child to bring their special teddy, blanket or toy to help them feel relaxed and safe. 

Read positive fun kid’s dental books about seeing the dentist and the importance of keeping your teeth healthy. 

Model confidence and a relaxed attitude to the dentist: children are generally not naturally afraid of the dentist, their fear comes from observing adults’ negative reactions.

Kids having fun at the dentist

What to Expect During the Appointment 

During your child’s appointment with us, you can expect a fun kids’ dental experience. We take a “Tell, Show, Do” approach with children. We start by telling them about why they are visiting and what we need to do to check their teeth. We then show them the equipment and answer any questions they may have before doing the check-up.

By involving children in what is going on, we are demonstrating that we respect them and foster trust. We will also do whatever we can to make it fun, whether this is pulling funny faces or making silly noises with the equipment we aim to make your child feel safe and unafraid of the dentist.

Fresh Family Dental – The Family Friendly Dentist You Can Trust

At Fresh Family Dental, we’re dedicated to making lasting connections with our patients. Forming great relationships with your children and watching them grow into confident adults with beautiful healthy smiles is part of this. 

Our highly skilled and genuine team excel at putting kids at ease through fun kids dental. With preventative dentistry and early intervention being the best way to keep your smile for a lifetime, there’s never been a better time to book your child’s dental check-up.

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